Peter J. Holst to step in as interim CEO, Mathias Kroll to continue as an Advisory Board Member

After joining Hervolution as the CEO in June 2019, Mathias Kroll has now decided to step down. It is not a goodbye, though, as he will continue as a strong player on the Advisory Board. Mathias leaves Denmark to move to Australia, his wife’s home country. 

The new interim CEO Peter Johannes Holst, who is the founder of Hervolution, explains that it has been known since the appointment of Mathias Kroll that the role was temporary. 

“We have always known that a day would come when Mathias would want to move back to Australia and New Zealand. Mathias is married to an Australian, and it is also where parts of his family is from. We deeply respect his decision and wish him all the best,” says Peter Johannes Holst.

“Mathias has been a major asset for us during the time he has been with us. His experience and knowledge have been highly valuable in Hervolution’s fast-paced development, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration as Mathias joins our Advisory Board.” 

As of January 2nd, 2020, the management team consists of Interim CEO and CSO Peter Johannes Holst, CFO Nicolai Højer Nielsen, and CTO Anne-Maria Andersson.

You can meet the team here.

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