Fighting the Hidden Enemy Within:

Immune Therapeutics for Dark Genome
Targets in Cancer, ALS, & Aging

Rationally Designed
Immune Therapeutics
for Endogenous Retroviral
Targets in Cancer and Aging

Human Endogenous Retroviral proteins (HERVs) are a new target in cancer and longevity. Our proprietary platform enables their targeting to alleviate disease.

The human genomes encodes human endogenous retroviral (HERVs) genes left over from ancient viral infections. HERVs are silenced in healthy cells but are turned on as result of the aging process and in cancer cells.

HERVs have escaped, until now, immune targeting as they are recognized as self until too late in disease.

Our proprietary platform can now target HERVs and engage both cellular and humoral immunity against these previously undruggable antigens.

This represents a potential new paradigm in increasing longevity and treating cancer.

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Robert Langer