to fight tumors
from within

Shifting the paradigm in cancer immunotherapy

by targeting the human endogenous retroviruses
 to treat cancer

Human Endogenous Retroviruses (HERVs) are well recognized as tumor specific antigens, but they have been undruggable until now.

Hervolution is developing immunotherapies designed to overcome the limitations of cancer vaccines by targeting HERV tumor antigens with a powerful technology that stimulates both arms of the immune system, the humoral and the cellular response.

Meet the team

At Hervolution, we challenge biotechnology as we know it by shifting the paradigm in cancer immunotherapy. We have established a great team of scientists, advisors and entrepreneurs with long-standing experience to drive our research every day.

Jordi Naval
Jordi Naval, MSc
Chief Executive Officer
Peter Holst, MD, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Hamina Patel, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer

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