Although HERVs have been known targets for decades, they have been undruggable due to the immunosuppressive nature of the expressed HERV envelope proteins.

Hervolution has overcome this immune suppression and broken “self” tolerance by point mutating the Immune Suppressive Domain (ISD) within the HERV immunogen.

We deliver this immunogen via our lead candidate IPT001 using Adenoviral and RNA vectors. This powerful immune therapy strategy elicits antibody and T-cell responses to fight diseases like cancer, aging & neuro-degeneration.

Mechanism of Action

Conceptually, the immune system is evolutionary optimized to target viruses with antibodies and CD8+ T cells, supported by CD4+ T cells. Using Virus-Like-Vaccines encoding endogenous retroviruses, Hervolution unleashes the true potency of antiviral immunity against cancers.